Home Instead launches scam awareness programme

03 January 2014

This week sees the launch of Home Instead’s Senior Fraud Protection Programme which is all about making people scam aware and focuses on mass marketing fraud involving postal scams, the internet and telephone. This type of fraud makes up the largest proportion of fraud in the UK.

The programme will see Home Instead’s offices across the UK sharing information and advice with clients as well as family carers about the latest scams and the best ways to stay safe and protect them against fraud.

The programme includes a Toolkit which contains a Criminal Target Scale to help family carers assess how likely their elderly family member is to be a target of scammers. The Toolkit also looks at why the elderly are targets and what the impact of scams is on this vulnerable group.

Perhaps the most useful element of the Toolkit is the checklists which help to protect older people from internet, postal and telephone scams by helping them to identify these particular scams. There is also information on what to do if you have been scammed.

The Senior Fraud Protection Kit is available online.

Last year 1 million UK adults sent money in reply to unsolicited communications and just under one half are believed to have been defrauded as a result, costing UK individuals an estimated £3.5 billion.

Commenting on the programme, CEO of Home Instead, Trevor Brocklebank said, “Our focus on elderly at-home care and our national network of offices places us in a unique position to raise awareness of the heinous crimes being perpetrated against the elderly by faceless criminals.


“We are launching our Fraud Protection campaign in January but this will be an ongoing campaign for us as we strive to help stamp out this criminal activity.”