Home Instead featured in the Guardian 25th June 2014 Why we all need to talk about dementia

25 June 2014

Home Instead is today featured in an article in the Guardian’s Society pages, Why we all need to talk about dementia.

The article gives an account of one of Home Instead’s Dementia Family Workshops and how our Workshops share techniques for dealing with the condition.

As well as attending a Dementia Workshop at our Epping Forest office, the Guardian spoke with Trevor Brocklebank about the need for private companies to work with local communities to cope with the problems posed by an ageing population.

“I think dementia is almost the modern cancer,” he said. “Twenty years ago people never mentioned the ‘c’ word. I think dementia’s the same now. There’s a stigma.

“But we’re now surviving the cancers, heart attacks and strokes that could have killed us 20 years ago, so we’re living longer and therefore dementia is becoming much more prevalent.”


Read the article here, Guardian article