Home Instead comment on G8 Summit

With health ministers from the G8 nations meeting in London today at the G8 Summit on Dementia, Home Instead is joining other organisations in calling for some ‘joined up thinking' on how we deal with this disease.

Home Instead is the world's leading provider of at-home care for older people, and estimates that around half of all its clients have Alzheimer's or another form of dementia.

The company welcomes today's announcement that the UK will double its annual funding for dementia research to £132m by 2025, albeit that this has been announced as an ‘aim' rather than a firm commitment.

Commenting on the opportunity presented by the historic summit, CEO of Home Instead, Trevor Brocklebank, said, "With the global number of people living with dementia expected to treble to 135m by 2050 we need to be making substantive changes to the way we provide care for people with dementia as well as funding research to find a cure.

"All too often we see those with dementia receiving inadequate care or being moved into care homes simply because there is a lack of understanding about how to manage the complex behaviours associated with the condition.

"The government needs to be looking at the care continuum and integrating health and social care so we are better able to meet the needs of those living with the condition. There should be recognition of the significant contribution of home-based care (delivered by both family carers and care professionals) and we should be working to care for more people in their own homes.

"Apart from the fact that most people wish to remain in their own homes, familiar surroundings and routines are beneficial to people with dementia.

"I agree with Andy Burnham who has today said that too many people with dementia are not getting the support they need at home and ending up at A&E.

"It's totally unnecessary and if we could only achieve a system where healthcare and social care are integrated, the world would be a better place for people with dementia and their families."