Dementia in Warwickshire to rise by 43% within a decade

A recent survey carried out by Alzheimer’s Society* shows that the number of people with dementia in Warwickshire is set to increase by up to 43 per cent in the next 10 years.

With 750,000 people currently living with dementia in the UK, the study shows that this number is set to rise significantly within the decade. Results suggest that while currently there are an estimated 6,959 people with dementia living in the Warwickshire area, by 2012 this number will have reached 9,940.
Phil Maundrill, owner of Home Instead in Warwickshire specialises in the care of older people in their own homes and has a number of clients suffering from dementia. Phil is particularly passionate about delaying the onset of the disease by early diagnoses and believes people need to be extra-vigilant in trying to spot any early warning signs.
Phil commented: “As our caregivers are regularly visiting elderly people in the local community, they are in a good position to spot the early warning signs of dementia. Signs to look out for include: a decline in memory such as forgetting names of friends or familiar objects, a decline in reasoning and communication skills, feeling angry or upset about being forgetful and the gradual loss of skills needed to carry out daily activities.”
The Alzheimer’s Society’s survey results show that by delaying the onset of dementia by 5 years, deaths directly attributable to dementia would reduce by 30,000 per year.
Phil continued: “We recommend that anyone who suspects that they or a loved one may be showing any of these signs should speak to a GP as soon as possible.”

Home Instead Warwickshire Phil Maundrill

If you or a loved one is suffering from dementia and would like to find out more about the at-home support offered by Home Instead in Warwickshire, please call: 01789 204040/01926 62 90 30 or visit 

Photo caption: Phil Maundrill, owner of Home Instead in Warwickshire