Caregivers focus on improved care for the visually impaired

A brief venture into the world in which visually impaired people live and an update on how new technology is making day to day activities easier for them has helped the Caregivers at Home Instead in Nottingham to further improve their understanding of the care that they give to visually impaired clients.

Home Instead Nottingham CAREgivers and the Nottingham Royal Society for the Blind (NRSB) speakers, Vivienne and Donna


In conjunction with the Nottingham Royal Society for the Blind (NRSB), Caregivers from Home Instead were given a hands-on feel for the different types of sight impairment through use of a range of specially developed glasses.

NRSB speakers, Vivienne and Donna, both visually impaired themselves, brought along the glasses to demonstrate just what it is like for partially sighted people and to help the Caregivers understand the best ways of helping visually impaired clients. In particular, they explained that people should not assume what the partially sighted person needs. For example, they may not like to be guided, it really depends on the individual  Like anyone else they like their independence and are often more in control that you might think.,

They and also talked about amazing new technology which is increasingly improving the day to day life of blind and partially sighted people. One example from America is a colour reader application for the iphone 4 called the ‘Color Identifier’ which can name the colour of an object simply by directing the phone at it.  This can help in all types of daily situations such as picking out matching clothes or finding items that belong to you.

Home Instead owner Primo Sule said: “In our day to day lives we work very closely with the older people of Nottingham, so it’s great to have been able to do our bit to support such a great cause.  The Memory walk is now a firm fixture on our calendar and the funds raised will help the Alzheimer’s society in their fight against dementia.”

Home Instead specialises in providing care for adults in their own homes.

Services include daily visits, personal care, meal preparation, medication reminders, housekeeping, accompanied shopping and specialist assistance with dementia and Alzheimer’s care, respite provision and hospital discharge assistance.  In doing so the company gives clients the option of leading an independent life in the comfort of their own home.

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Photo caption: Donna and Vivienne from Nottingham Royal Society for the Blind (front) with the Caregivers team from Home Instead