CAREGiver is a superhero as she saves client’s life!

A CAREGiver from Camden was hailed a superhero after performing life-saving manoeuvres to stop client 92-year-old Eunice from choking on a piece of toast during a recent care visit to her home. 

This is the second time Buki Krasniqi has saved one of her client’s lives – the first time was in 2015, where she was praised by the ambulance service for her calmness and excellent lifesaving skills. 

Last week, whilst Buki was on her regular visit to Eunice’s home, she heard her coughing and ran in to see that her client’s face had started to turn blue. Putting her Home Instead training into action immediately, Buki performed life-saving manoeuvres to help dislodge the toast from her airway. 

Buki said: “I started to perform back blows to see if that would help and then moved onto abdominal thrusts to help dislodge the toast. After two times, the toast popped out and Eunice said ‘you have saved my life!’ she was so thankful. It’s in my nature to keep calm so I think that helped in this situation.”

Owner of Home Instead Camden, Sylwia Sawa commented: “Buki has been providing care for our clients for the past 6 years and has been supporting Eunice for 4 years. As part of our CAREGiver training, we provide resources and information so each and every CAREGiver is equipped to deal with emergencies, and in this case, Buki was able to stay calm, and take the appropriate steps to perform the life-saving manoeuvre to Eunice after she had accidentally choked on a piece of toast.” 

Sylwia continued, “We are pleased to report Eunice is doing well and is ever so grateful to Buki for saving her life.”

Eunice’s family also commented on Buki’s heroic deed. Daughter Val Hughes, “When we found out how Buki saved Eunice’s life, we were so thankful. She did an excellent job keeping mum calm. We are very grateful to her.”

Like all CAREGivers, Buki undertook her First Aid and life support training when she joined Home Instead Camden, as part of a rolling programme of training.  Home Instead provides award-winning care that is tailored to the individual, allowing them to live happily and comfortably at home.