Care cannot be delivered in 15-minutes

7 October 2013

Trevor Brocklebank, CEO of at-home care company, Home Instead believes that when Sandie Keene, president of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services said that “It is totally wrong to believe that all tasks need more than 15 minutes to carry out”, she is missing a fundamental point. And that point is that care should not be task based.

For this reason Trevor’s company, which employs over 7,000 caregivers, will not enter in to local authority block contracts as he believes that they drive down the quality of care by forcing care companies to deliver short duration calls.

“We have a minimum call duration of one hour as this enables our caregivers time to deliver person-centred care which focuses on the needs and dignity of the individual. For many years we have been calling on local authorities to embrace the vision of personalisation and recognise that the types of support people receive should not be confined to personal care and should include a much wider range of options, including companionship.

“Our social and health care systems need to evolve to provide person-centred care that is both age and stage appropriate and which support healthy ageing.  With ever increasing life expectancy ‘old age’ now covers a huge spectrum and we need to innovate and take a holistic approach to meet people’s needs.”

Trevor believes that instead of adopting a one size fits all approach that local authorities and providers should be working together with those in need of support and their families so that home care providers have the freedom to innovate and use budgets flexibly.