Care boss says ‘race to bottom’ has to stop

23rd October 2013

Today’s lead article in The Guardian highlights that council funding cuts are forcing many care firms to pay less than the minimum wage.

It reports that HM Revenue & Customs will be investigating 120 providers over contract bids that are too cheap to allow the providers to pay the legal minimum wage.

Home Instead typically won’t to enter in to block contracts with local councils as they know that this means they have to ‘dance to the council’s tune’. Explaining, Trevor Brocklebank, CEO of Home Instead said, “We will not enter in to block contracts because they force providers into delivering short-duration care visits and we refuse to work in this way. We have a minimum care visit of one hour’s duration as this allows us to deliver person-centred, dignified care that focuses on the needs of the individual rather than simply carrying out a list of tasks.

“The other issue, as highlighted in today’s article, is that Councils are not paying viable rates. The race to the bottom has got to stop. Councils simply cannot carry on driving down the quality of care – and that’s exactly what they are doing by dramatically reducing the rates they pay care providers.


“Councils should be paying a fair rate for a quality service. Clearly this isn’t happening.”