Brits are bold about getting old

We all know that reaching your later years can be a positive time. And thanks to our new survey, we can confirm it to be true!

We asked 2,000 over-65s...

Home Instead carried out a poll of 2,000 UK adults aged 65 and above about what they think of old age. Some interesting statistics and findings came out of it, including:

  • It is not until people are 77, that they should be considered as ‘old’.
  • A third of over 65s said that having grandchildren is better than parenthood.
  • Two thirds said they had regrets – particularly not saving money or travelling enough.
  • The Queen, Sir David Attenborough and Judi Dench are the celebrities that over 65s respect the most.

We uncovered the top benefits of being over 65, and they include being free to speak your mind, having a seemingly endless supply of free time, and finding pleasure in the little things in life.

Other Top 10 benefits of old age were realising there is more to life than work, wearing clothes for comfort and not feeling pressure to do anything you don't want to. A further 35% love not feeling tied down for any reason, and 31% enjoy being able to spend their hard-earned cash on themselves.

There is clearly a ‘young-at-heart’ attitude among over 65s. Respondents felt that people shouldn’t qualify as being ‘old’ until the ripe age of 77 and nearly nine in ten (85%) agreed wholeheartedly with the saying, ‘you’re only as old as you feel’.

Old age naturally makes you reminiscent, and we found that nearly two-thirds (62%) of over-65s wish they’d done some things differently in their youth. Looking back on their life, the most common regrets include: not saving more money (34%), wishing they had followed a different career path (40%) and wishing they had taken better care of their health (29%).

Speaking about the findings, our CEO Martin Jones said: “We often hear young people claim they ‘don’t want to live too long’ or that they ‘dread getting old’. Well, our research proves that, not only is there nothing to fear, but that there is in fact loads to look forward to. Indeed we know this from listening to our clients and seeing them enjoy life to the fullest with the extra support of their CAREGiver.

“With old-age comes a freeing sense of liberation that few other stages of life can offer. You can do what you want, go wherever you want, wear what you want and certainly – as we know only too well from of our more vocal clients – say what you want.

“It’s time we, as a nation, appreciated old-age for what it really is, a wonderful stage of life where one is wiser and freer than ever.”

Here are the top 10 benefits of getting older according to our survey…

  1. Having more free time – 64%
  2. Spending time with family/friends – 57%
  3. Not feeling pressure to do anything you don't want to – 56%
  4. Having grandchildren – 50%
  5. Finding pleasure in simple things – 50%
  6. Realising there is more to life than work – 50%
  7. Enjoying going out for a casual walk – 48%
  8. More time to travel – 48%
  9. Wearing clothes for comfort not style – 48%
  10. Not rushing through life/taking things slowly – 46%

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