Let's Go 'Green Instead'

The environment is a hot-topic at the moment (no pun intended!), and concerns over the ecological health of our planet are being discussed in earnest by our world leaders, at the COP26 summit this month.

Closer to home, we are always mindful of the footprint that our business leaves and for some years have followed a ‘paperless policy’ at our offices, which we are proud to say has worked, really well. Sharing vital documents, information, and newsletters electronically, has hugely reduced our paper use and increased efficiency, and we are determined to keep these practices going, AND to create new environmentally aware habits.

Small changes are proven to have the potential to make a big difference to the environment, and at Home Instead, we are keen to encourage awareness and participation. This year too, it’s even more important to be energy aware, as increased fuel costs have the potential to cause real dilemmas for some, which can not only lead to distress but poor health too, as older individuals are far more at risk from the effects of a cold environment.

In order to further our ‘green goals’, the office team are pledging to make their own changes in habits, being mindful of the everyday tasks that they undertake, and considering how they might adjust habits to ease the effect of global warming.

Practices such as boiling as little water as possible when making a cuppa (we now have an energy efficient hot water tap at the Clyst office), turning the heating down by just 1 degree and popping on a cardigan, recycling packaging, raising awareness and encouraging participation in local recycling initiatives, such as the TerraCycle Medicine Packet Recycling Programme for clients and aiming to ‘buy local’, have been our common practices for some time.

To build on this ethos, we are pleased to offer our ‘Let’s Go Green Instead’ Guide for the coming season. We hope that these ideas will help clients, colleagues and the community make easy but sensible choices that we can all be proud of. Click HERE to view the Guide and if you would like to know a little more about our everyday practices, follow us on Facebook, HERE.