CAREGiver and Client meet again...

Life is full of coincidences, and this was highlighted recently by our lovely CAREGiver Catherine, during her visits with Home Instead client, Mr T.

During their time together, Catherine and her client had naturally chatted about life and hobbies and had discovered that they both had a love of wood carving. On one occasion, Mr T was telling Catherine about the pieces that he had made and pointed to one on display. Catherine was amazed to see this particular carving, as it had a striking resemblance to one that she had crafted some years before.

When Catherine returned for her next visit, she took along her own carving, to show Mr T and his wife. Due to memory difficulties, Mr T couldn’t quite recall when he had produced the piece, but along with Catherine and his wife, and a clue on her own piece, the three were able to put together dates and came to the amazing conclusion that both had attended the same woodcarving class, in 1994.

Catherine said, “I only knew the date for sure, because I had written it on the back of the carving, when I gave it to my Mum for Christmas, in 1994”. This detail enabled Catherine to accurately tell Mr T when she had attended the course, and where, and this tied in with the dates and facts that his wife had recalled. “It was an amazing coincidence, and it made their day, and mine!” said Catherine.

Catherine’s story is a great example of how tailor-made care and the gift of time, through our minimum one-hour visits, allow CAREGiver and client to build relationships and learn about one another. Thanks go to Catherine, for sharing this heartwarming story.

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