Letter to the Editor

Our CEO, Martin Jones, wrote to The Times this week to highlight staffing shortages in the care sector, an issue that needs to be urgently addressed. His letter was published this morning; you can read it here:

Staffing Shortages in the Care Sector

Sir, I was glad you gave attention to the rise in vacancies in your coverage of the Office for National Statistics’ employment figures (Business, Aug 18).

In the pursuit of high-quality and sustainable growth, a lack of suitable staff is one of the most severe issues an organisation, and indeed an economy, can face. Unfortunately, it is one with which those of us who work in the social care sector are all too familiar.

Our industry has a vacancy rate of nearly 10 per cent and due to our ageing population this shortage is only expected to worsen with time. I have witnessed the trying effect that these shortages have had on the care sector, the people working in it and those so reliant on the care itself.

I have also seen the boost to productivity, morale and quality of service that a fully equipped workforce enables. With social care reforms expected in the autumn, I just hope that the labour shortages that other industries are experiencing focus minds on the more structural ones that persist in mine.

Martin Jones

Trustee, Age UK and chief executive of Home Instead UK