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Scam Awareness Month is in July and to help raise awareness of scams in the local community, our Senior Fraud Protection programme was developed to help us to inform families on the dangers and risks of mass marketing fraud when impacting on the elderly.

We regularly host presentations and talks on helping you understand the typical methods scammers use to try and gain financially from fraudulent approaches, particularly those targeting older people

To find out when our next Senior Fraud Protection session will take place contact the team at the Harrogate, Ripon and Thirsk office of Home Instead.

We look forward to meeting you at our next session!

Welcome to the latest edition of Senior Snippets: the monthly advisory column with the older members of our community in mind, brought to you by Sheena Van Parys of Home Instead Senior Care in Harrogate, Ripon and Thirsk (and everything in between!)

In this installment, I will be sharing some tips to help boost your mood. It is very important, especially with winter lurking, to keep an upbeat state of mind in order to lead a positive lifestyle. Eating healthy foods and exercising are obvious ways to remain fit and healthy, but there are also many other adjustments we can make to improve our mental health and state of mind.

Here are a few mood boosting tips

Laugh As adults we often forget to just enjoy ourselves and laugh more. Laughing releases endorphins into our body which increase serotonin levels in our brain, causing us to instantly feel happier. Life doesn’t need to always be taken too seriously!

Practice gratitude It’s important to recognise what we’re grateful for, acknowledge it, and appreciate it. When you wake up in the morning, try and think of a few things that you are grateful for and notice the difference it makes to your mood.

Talk to someone Whether it’s a friend, relative or even a neighbour, knowing you have someone you can turn to, can help to put your mind at ease. Don’t forget to be there for someone else too, as this can brighten your mood just as much as you have the satisfaction of knowing you have helped someone else.

Surround yourself with positive scents and sounds. Sometimes when we feel our mood dipping it is good to surround yourself with scents which can uplift your mood. Lavender can be seen as relaxing, whereas peppermint can help to soothe your overactive mind. This can work just as well with your favourite perfume. Listen to your favourite music and light a candle; you may find yourself feeling great afterwards!

Take deep breaths We don’t often concentrate on our breathing because it’s a natural function, but consciously focusing on your breathing and taking deep breaths can relieve stress and increase relaxation. Simply place one hand on the abdomen and one hand on the lower ribs and take a breath that starts in your abdomen and works its way up your body. Control your breathing by breathing in for 3 to 5 seconds, hold for the same amount of time and exhale the air out through your mouth slowly. Do this for 3 minutes and you will feel the stress melt away.

Some of these simple tips is all that is needed to help us feel better about ourselves. To make a suggestion for a future topic, please write to me at harrogate@homeinstead.co.uk or by post to Home Instead Senior Care, Nidderdale House, Station Yard, Harrogate HG3 3BA or alternatively, you can also call me on 01423 774490.

Sheena Van Parys



September is World Alzheimer’s Month!

Please support World Alzheimer’s Month 2015. September 2015 will mark the fourth global World Alzheimer’s Month™, an international campaign to raise awareness of dementia and challenge stigma.

The theme for World Alzheimer's Month 2015 is Remember Me. We're encouraging people all around the world to learn to spot the signs of dementia, but also not to forget about loved ones who are living with dementia, or those who may have passed away.

Every 4 seconds, someone in the world develops dementia. The impact of September’s campaign is growing, but the stigmatisation and misinformation that surrounds dementia remains a global problem.

World Alzheimer’s Month is coordinated by Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI), the international federation of Alzheimer associations throughout the world. Their key role is to build and strengthen Alzheimer associations throughout the world, so they are better able to meet the needs of people with dementia and their families.

Join the campaign!

Visit www.worldalzmonth.org for more information on how you can get involved and to access promotional materials for social media, information on dementia, videos, toolkits and more. You can also follow @AlzDisInt and #WAM2015 on Twitter for all the updates on the campaign.

Learn More!  

Here at Home Instead we will continue to help build dementia friendly communities both through our Dementia Friends sessions and through our own Alzheimer’s CARE programme specifically designed for family carers and those in customer facing roles, both events are FREE to attend and offer 2 options dependent on how much time you can commit to and how far you want to take your level of understanding.  

Please contact Sheena Van Parys on 01423 774490 or email harrogate@homeinstead.co.uk for more information on both our Dementia Friends and Alzheimer’s CARE events.


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Thank you so much for all the excellent help you have provided for us since last January. We couldn't have managed without your excellent carers.

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