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The Greenwich & Bexley Team

Fatta and Sonia Thapa - Owner/Director

Fatta and Sonia Thapa - Owner/Director

Hi! We are Fatta and Sonia Thapa, owners of Home Instead Senior Care - Greenwich & Bexley. We have been living in the area for the last 21 years. Most recently, we had an opportunity to work with elderly widows of Gurkha soldiers, most of them in their late 80’s; some of them had Dementia and Parkinson. Loneliness is their biggest barrier. We always wished that they had someone to talk to. Then, we came across Home Instead Senior Care, who not only deliver personal care of highest standard, but also ensured that clients’ other social needs are also met through its companionship services. We were very impressed by the ethos and culture of the organisation. So, we joined this amazing organisation and committed ourselves to change the face of care provision across Greenwich & Bexley.

We are very proud to be a part of Britain’s No 1 Home Care provider.

We have three adorable kids and they mean world to both of us. Outside our work life, we both love to spend time with our kids and also spare a few hours every weeks for elderly Gurkha widows to teach them English and signpost them to local services through our registered charity Skills & Care Greenwich.

Jackie Baird - Administrator/Recruiter

Jackie Baird - Administrator/Recruiter

Hi! My Name is Jackie Baird and my role is Administrator and Recruiter at Home Instead Senior Care – Greenwich & Bexley.

Prior to joining Home Instead, I worked in various sectors, but, my most recent job was in retail, working as an administrator. When an opportunity arose to join Home Instead, I did my own research as I hadn’t heard about Home Instead before and what I found out was amazing; I immediately fell in love with love with Home Instead and its ethos and culture. Motivated by an appalling care received by parents, I decided to make my career in care industry so that I make difference in peoples’ lives and I found Home Instead to be the ideal company.

Apart from supporting my Care Manager and Director, my other main role is to recruit for CAREgivers. As a recruiter, when I interview a potential CAREGiver, I always take her or him through a “Mum Test”, meaning, would I employ the person to care for my mum, and I never go wrong. I am very proud of the amazing work our CAREGivers are doing day in day out.

I have to say that the job is very rewarding and fulfilling and most importantly, I’m enjoying it very much!

Jackie Pluck - Senior CAREGiver/Team Leader

Jackie Pluck - Senior CAREGiver/Team Leader

Hi! My name is Jackie Puck and my role is Senior CAREGiver & Team Leader at Home Instead Senior Care – Greenwich & Bexley.

I started with Home Instead – Greenwich & Bexley as a CAREGiver and promoted to the Senior position, last year. Previously, I worked in schools, retail, and care. Most recently, I worked as a Carer with one of the well-known domiciliary care company but decided to leave as I was not happy there. I chose to work in homecare sector because I like the idea of providing care at home so that people can continue living in the community. However, not all homecare providers are doing what they supposed to do. In my past experience, I noticed that agencies are providing 15mins, half an hour call out, which means clients are rushed in this In and Out culture. When I came across Home Instead, I liked the relationship-based, person-centred care with a minimum of 1-hour call. I now can provide that highest level of care and also support my team to deliver the same level of care to our clients.

Apart from delivering care, as a Senior CAREGiver, I support my Care Manager in QA, Introduction, Shadowing and dealing with out of hours calls. I enjoy both, my caregiving and senior part of my job and am just glad that I’m a part of such a wonderful team at Home Instead Senior Care – Greenwich & Bexley.

Our Amazing CAREGivers

Our Amazing CAREGivers

With Home Instead, Care means quality care. It means providing support that is completely personalised to the individual and is based on a close bond formed from personality similarities, shared experiences or interests. Therefore, it is extremely important that we choose our CAREGiver very carefully. Our Care Manager Natalie ensures that CAREGivers are carefully selected, highest standard of training is given and continuous support is provided.

Our CAREGivers are well trained individuals who have a genuine passion for caring; they undergo extensive back ground checks and only work with one or two Clients so they can visit at the time the Client requires. We are extremely proud of our CAREGivers many of whom go above and beyond the call of duty to take care of our clients. They are dedicated, hard-working and have a genuine desire to work in an environment where they help other and make a make a difference.

  • UKHCA Registered

Having spent seven weeks in St. Thomas’s Hospital in London, it was with some trepidation that I was told I could go home and have carers to look after me. You see, I know elderly friends who, in the past. Have had carers and have not always been too pleased with the result.

Well, N and L were the first to greet me on 24th December 2015 and I’m full of praise with the result.

Because the Council were prepared to finance me for another six weeks I turned for help to another carer group and did I notice the difference in quality and willingness to “go that extra mile” !

Starting 22nd February, I am more that pleased to return to “Home Instead”. N (who also does my shopping) together with L on occasions have both been a tremendous help to me in so many ways. No longer is it “Here’s your food” or “my bus is soon coming” but two people who can and are willing to spend time with a little chat to liven up the day. Their work is of a tremendously high standard above that which I usually impose upon myself. So I offer my grateful thanks.

Duncan Menzies - Client