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A chance to come and meet new people in the Rushden area. Come and enjoy an informal chat and new activities every month.

No cost involved, apart from refreshments which you would like to purchase.  

MEETING TIME: 13:00 - 15:00


Wednesday 7th March - St Patricks Day Theme

Wednesday 4th April - Easter Bingo (STARTING AT 4pm)

Wednesday 2nd May - Tips on Spring Cleaning

Wednesday 6th June - Quiz

Wednesday 4th July - Board Games

Wednesday 1st August - General Knowledge (STARTING AT 4pm)

Wednesday 5th September - Board Games

Wednesday 3rd October - Halloween Themed

Wednesday 7th November -Reminiscing


If you would like more information please contact

Marie Franks on 01933 678775

A chance to come and meet new people in the Wellingborough area. Come and enjoy an informal chat and new activities every month.

No cost involved, apart from refreshments which you would like to purchase.  

Meeting Time: 10:00 - 12:00


Tuesday 27th March - Easter Crafts

Tuesday 24th April - Spring Crossword

Tuesday 29th May - Colour by Numbers

Tuesday 26th June - Gift Jar and Candle Holder

Tuesday 31st July - Board Games

Tuesday 28th August - Summer Crafts

Tuesday 25th September - Quiz

Tuesday 30th October - Winter Paper Snowflakes

Tuesday 27th November - Christmas Card


If you would like more information please contact

Marie Franks on 01933 678775

We are often asked for our advice on caring for someone with dementia. Here are some questions we have been asked. If you need extra help please get in touch.

1. My mum can get very confused and often loses her memory are there any techniques I can use?

Don't argue with mum if she is wrong. Avoid unnecessary details in conversations, speak simply with short sentences.  Break down daily tasks into simple steps and reduce extra noise in the home such as a TV in the background while family are chatting.

2. My partner keeps repeating the same question over and over how can I get him to stop?

Encourage your partner to find the answer. For example if he keeps asking for the time ensure a digtal clock is in view. Repetition is thought to be a comfort measure, sometimes drawing out the conversation can stop the repetition.

3. I keep getting locals calls saying they have found my Grandad, what should I do?

Make sure your grandad has a piece of identification on him at all times (eg. an ID bracelet) give local shops his photo with your number and explain the situation. Set aside 20 minutes a day for regular exercise with your grandad to minimise restlessness.

4. My mum's mood can often change dramatically, how can I deter it?

Filling mum's day with activities establishes a routine so she won't be so prone to changes. It maybe something that she finds stressful and frustrating, if this is the case try breaking it down into simple steps and give simple choices. If she's in a bad mood apologise and try to distract her by asking her for her help with a simple task around the house.

5. My dad was determined that someone was upstairs robbing him, how do I deal with this?

React calmly. Assure your dad you are here to help. Enter his reality, offer to go upstairs with him (or alone if he's uncomfortable) and show him that his valuables are safe. Redirect your dad to a new activity. Understand his triggers for delusions, could he have been watching violent TV shows?


Welcome to the latest edition of Senior Snippets: the monthly advisory column with the older members of our community in mind, brought to you by Lucy of Home Instead Senior Care in East Northants.

In this issue of Senior Snippets we are going to share some very important tips on how to keep well in cold weather. NHS England is concerned about the growing flu rates, which are twice as high as they were this time last year.

Here our top tips for keeping well in winter to help you and your loved ones steer clear of the germs.

  1. Go to your local chemist if you aren’t feeling well. Even if you have just a cough or a cold, your pharmacist might be able to help you prevent it from becoming more serious. If you can’t physically get to a pharmacy, make sure to call them to discuss your symptoms. If you need more urgent advice, ring the NHS helpline on 111.
  1. Get a flu jab. Everyone over the age of 65, living in the UK is eligible for a flu jab and is encouraged to take up this free NHS service to protect themselves from the flu virus, which can be unpredictable and serious. You can get a flu jab at your GP’s surgery or at participating pharmacies.
  1. Keep warm. During the cold winter months, it is advisable to wear several layers of clothing, rather than one thick layer. Clothes that are made from cotton, wool or fleecy fibres help to maintain body heat, and are better than silky and thin materials that don’t insulate well.
  1. Keep active. Try not to sit still for more than an hour at a time. Even simply standing up to stretch your legs for a few moments can help to increase your body temperature. If you have good mobility, moderate exercise is a great way of keeping warm when temperatures are low.
  1. Drink warm beverages. When you get up to stretch, why not make yourself a hot drink to help keep you warm? You should also try to eat at least one hot meal a day. Making sure warm foods and drink are going into your system will keep your weight up and contribute to keeping your body temperature up.
  1. Keep your medicine cabinet stocked. If you treat early-onset symptoms of illness they are less likely to develop into anything more serious. By keeping your medicine cabinet stocked, you could avoid having to go out in the cold, if you do find yourself unwell.

The temperatures have been really cold lately, so it’s important to think about what you can do to protect more vulnerable friends and family from the ill-effects of the cold.

At Home Instead East Northants, our delightful CAREGivers can help older people to stay well and can help with many of the tips mentioned here.

I’d love to hear from you! To make a suggestion for a future Senior Snippets topic, please write to me at lucy.darnell@homeinstead.co.uk or by post to Home Instead Senior Care, 3 Regent Park, Booth Drive, Park Farm South Wellingborough, NN8 6GR. Alternatively, you can call me on 01933 678775

Christmas is coming round again and we want to give back to our community!


So we will be doing the 'Be a Santa to a Senior Appeal' which aims to touch the lives of older people in your community who may be lonely or might not receive a presents this Christmas.


How it works...

Complete and Tear of the Gift Tag (to the side hand it in with your gift (no need to wrap) to one of the collection venues; full list overleaf.


Donation/ Collection Points 

Milton Ernest Garden: 29th Nov Onwards

Kettering General Hospital - Twywell and Lamport Ward 1st Dec

Podington Garden: 2nd & 3rd Dec



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