Being a CAREGiver

Being a caregiver can be a very rewarding and fulfilling job, you can help make a difference to someone's life.

We have asked one of our caregivers some questions about what they enjoy about it and if you are thinking of becoming a caregiver then this is why it is a great job to have!

1. What do you enjoy about being a caregiver?

I enjoy meeting different people from different walks of life, I like the fact that I have the opportunity to build a relationship with clients. Everyday is different as you never know what situation you may come across. Job satisfaction is immeasurable, just knowing that you can make a difference to someone's day is priceless. 


2. What made you decide to be a caregiver?

I became a caregiver purely by chance; I researched Home Instead as I was looking for care for my mother (which never came to be). I was looking for a change of career myself not really sure what I wanted to do and the more I read about Home Instead the more interested I became so even though I had no care work experience I applied for a job and the rest is history!


3. What would you say to a prospective caregiver who is still thinking about becoming a caregiver?

I would advise any prospective caregiver to give it a chance as they might be pleasantly surprised I know I was. Everyone has qualities that can benefit someone else you just don't always realise that is the case. 




  • UKHCA Registered

Can I just add my sincere thanks for the way in which you have always been courteous in arranging Mum's care and my satisfaction in the way the care has been carried out. It has been of huge benefit to Mum and a huge relief to me in finding your company.

A Thomson, East Northants