Why the Care Professionals at Home Instead of East Herts Love Going to Paradise Wildlife Park

Taking care of the elderly is a demanding job that requires patience, compassion, and understanding.

Taking care of the elderly is a demanding job that requires patience, compassion, and understanding. Care Professionals often work long hours and face challenges that can be emotionally and physically draining. That's why it's essential for them to take breaks and engage in activities that help them recharge their batteries.

One of the favourite pastimes of the Care Professionals at Home Instead East Herts is visiting the Paradise Wildlife Park. This park, located in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, is home to over 800 animals, and it's one of the UK's most popular wildlife attractions. In this article, we'll explore why the caregivers at Home Instead East Herts love going to Paradise Wildlife Park.

The Perfect Escape from the Daily Grind

Working as a Care Professional can be challenging, and caregivers often find it hard to switch off from work mode. Going to Paradise Wildlife Park gives them an opportunity to take a break from their daily routine and enjoy some time off. It’s a place where they can disconnect from the stress of work and connect with nature.

A Chance to Connect with Nature:

Paradise Wildlife Park is a place where caregivers can connect with nature and learn about different animals. Care Professionals can interact with various animals and get up close and personal with them, providing a unique experience that they may not get elsewhere. For example, the park offers an opportunity to feed the tigers, which is an unforgettable experience that Care Professionals often cherish.

An Educational Experience:

Paradise Wildlife Park is not only a fun place to visit, but it’s also an educational one. Care Professionals can learn about different animals and their behaviours, which helps them improve their knowledge of the animal kingdom. Additionally, the park offers educational tours and talks, which are an excellent way for caregivers to gain new knowledge about wildlife.

A Relaxing Day Out:

Paradise Wildlife Park is an ideal destination for a relaxing day out. Care Professionals can take a leisurely walk around the park, enjoying the scenery and the fresh air. The park has several rest areas, and caregivers can sit and relax while observing the animals. The park also has a picnic area, where they can enjoy a packed lunch or buy food from one of the cafes in the park.

A Perfect Way to Bond with the Elderly:

Finally, Paradise Wildlife Park is a perfect way for Care Professionals to bond with the elderly they care for. The park provides an opportunity to spend quality time with the elderly, interact with the animals and enjoy the different attractions. It’s a way to create unforgettable memories, and many caregivers find it helps to build stronger relationships with the elderly.


Q. How much does it cost to visit Paradise Wildlife Park?

A. The cost of visiting Paradise Wildlife Park varies depending on the time of year and the type of ticket purchased. It's best to check their website for the most up-to-date prices.

Q. Is Paradise Wildlife Park accessible for people with disabilities?

A. Yes, the park is accessible for people with disabilities. It has several wheelchair-friendly areas and offers a discounted rate for visitors with disabilities.