Self-neglect is a growing problem

Self-neglect is a growing problem in the UK’s elderly population, but if we spot it soon, we can avoid the consequences of it.

We want to help you identify when your elderly family member can no longer cope as well at home, and so we’ve devised a shortlist of the key warning signs of self-neglect to look out for:

1) Lack of Food in the Home:

Nothing in the fridge but a lump of mouldy cheese? Bare cupboards? A lack of food in the home could mean that your loved one is no longer able to purchase their groceries and maintain a healthy diet for themselves. This could be due to a physical impairment, a decline in mental health or an inability to manage their money.

2) Dishevelled Appearance:

If your elderly family member is frequently wearing unclean clothes, or if you notice that they themselves do not appear to have been washing, this could be a sign of self-neglect. Poor physical and mental health can lead to the avoidance of daily tasks such as maintaining personal hygiene and washing clothes.

3) Untidiness and Hoarding:

A common facet of self-neglect is the avoidance or inability to maintain a clean and tidy home. Your loved one may not have the energy or capacity to keep their home in good shape anymore – this may include not being able to take the rubbish out and get rid of old belongings they no longer need.

4) Reluctance to Accept Help:

There are many reasons why a person may refuse medical or social care interventions, but a person experiencing self-neglect is much more likely to be reluctant to accept help. Look out for discarded medication, unopened mail and other signs that may indicate your family member not wanting anyone to disrupt their current way of living.

If you spot any of these signs in your elderly relative, it is likely that they need help at home. Contact Home Instead Senior Care on 01322923750 today to discuss our bespoke care options and get your loved one back on track.

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