Face mask adapters

We have been busy making face mask adapters for our team, but also for a local hospital, to help with sore ears from wearing face masks all day long now. 

There are some fantastic groups on social media that give ideas about the length and patters for these and where to send them to all across the country.

Therefore anyone can help by making some and sending them to a hospital, care home, home care company, GP surgery, supermarket or any other place where employees need to wear masks!

Instead of having the elastic straps of the mask sit behind the ear, these adapters hold them together at the back of the head, leaving the ears free.

So if you have 100% cotton wool and plastic buttons (so they can be washed at high temperatures to be reused) at home, as well as a love for crocheting: get going! 

This is a simple and fun way (quite relaxing as well!) to help our amazing NHS and other carers in this challenging time and to show our appreciation for the hard work they do.

If you don't want to send them yourself, send them to us and we will distribute them for you.

Enjoy and start crocheting! :)