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Hello and welcome to Home Instead Crawley!

Home – There's no place like it, is there? It's the place we feel warm and safe, where we can be ourselves and feel our best. Even more so for our clients who have grown accustomed to the sense of familiarity and security their homes have brought them over the years.

That's why at Home Instead Crawley we believe in enabling our clients to enjoy the comforts their familiar surrounds bring them and the dignity of living in their own homes for as long as they choose to.

For me, it really is personal. I experienced both, poor and exceptional quality care when my wife had extreme complications with her treatment for cancer. It led to her being in a very debilitating state, which, at the time, we didn't know would remain with her permanently or not. Thankfully it didn't, and the experience is now behind us. 

The thing that remains with me very strongly is the contrasting affect the different quality of care had on my wife and indeed our whole family. I believe the high quality care she received rapidly increased her recovery rate, and she carried out the rest of her treatment to completion with minimal side-effects. It allowed everyone else in the family to breathe a little easier as well.

Most of our staff have personal stories very similar to this and it is these stories that continually inspire us to provide the best quality care for all of our clients.

We are experts at relationship-led care, putting our client's needs at the forefront of everything we do. We build a customized service, tailored around what our client's really want.

How are we different?

It is the cumulative effect of everything we do, in the unique way that we do it that makes us different.

Our CAREGivers are matched to each client based on background, interests, hobbies and culture.

A CAREGiver and client introduction takes place to ensure there is never a stranger turning up at the doorstep.

The duration of care is a minimum of one hour and often longer, to allow the CAREGiver time to provide a care service that never feels rushed to the client.

We maintain continuity of CAREGiver and client, so the relationship is nurtured, and a strong bond, familiarity and trust can develop.

Our service is always person focused, and never task oriented.

We recruit a specific type of person who genuinely has empathy for the elderly and then train and equip them to be the very best CAREGivers in the industry.

We are very proud of our CAREGivers, and support them in their efforts to enrich themselves in the skills and knowledge to improve the lives of elderly citizens within our community.

The service we offer presently can be broadly described as companionship and home help services. We will be looking to include personal care services by the beginning of March this year.

If you are looking for care services for someone within Crawley and its surrounding areas, or would like to offer your services in helping us make an elderly person smile and start enjoying life again, we’d love to hear from you.

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We are changing the face of aging in Crawley!