Our Very First Digital Champion

Phyllis gets tech-savvy as Home Instead Clacton, Frinton and Walton's first ‘Digital Champion’! 

Home Instead Clacton, Frinton and Walton have fully embraced technology in their caring services, teaming with Careline at Tendring Council, a 24/7 personal alarm service, to help keep their clients safe and well wherever they are!

The team at Home Instead are running a ‘Digital Champions’ initiative, inviting elderly clients to adopt new technologies into their daily lives, to show that seniors can easily use and benefit from technology.

The home care company has their first Digital Champion, 86-year-old client Phyllis Allen, who now uses ‘the Pebble’; an innovative, wearable GPS device which can be pressed if Phyllis has an accident or needs help, allowing Careline staff to see where she is located, talk to her and safely reach her to provide assistance. 

Like many older people throughout the UK, Phyllis is unfamiliar with technology but has been keen to embrace changing technologies, gadgets and devices in her everyday life. She is able to use the Pebble with ease, simply clicking a button whenever she needs help. Many older people worry about the complexity of technology, but the Pebble demonstrates how simple technology can really support seniors, keeping them healthy and safe. 

Phyllis commented: “I’m loving my new gadget! It’s really useful and helps me feel supported and safe during times where I’m out of my home or not receiving care visits. I have to use a trolley to get into town to do my shopping, so I know I’m at a heightened risk of falls and accidents when I’m out and about.

“Who’d have thought I’d be a Digital Champion at 86! If I can do it, then anyone can. The team at Home Instead helped me set my device up and explained how it works, which is very straightforward. It is much easier to use than I thought it would be, and it helps me feel safe. I hope many other elderly people like me will adopt similar technology into their daily lives!”

Jean Allen, owner of Home Instead commented: “Many older people are hesitant to introduce new technologies into their lives, thinking it will be overly complicated. Phyllis demonstrates how easily technology can enhance an older person's life, and we hope her role as our first ‘Digital Champion’ will encourage more of our clients to adopt new devices into their daily routines!

“I’d also like to thank Careline for working closely alongside us with this initiative. They are there to respond to a client if they use the Pebble, quickly rushing to their assistance wherever they are. The work they do is great, and they really help us in supporting our clients through the use of technology.”

Home Instead is constantly innovating the use of technology in their home-care services, allowing them to provide the best quality care they can. To find out more about Home Instead Clacton, Frinton and Walton and the home care services they provide, please call 01255 770872

Digital Champion