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Home Instead Local Offices

Our charity is changing.

Over the past year we have listened to feedback from the network; owners, care managers, networkers and CAREgivers… and we’ve made some significant changes to how we will operate our charity.

In addition to increasing the breadth and experience in our Board of Trustees with the appointment of Ruth Brown, BDD, Diana Stephenson, Calvin, Clare Jefferies, Owner – Wimbledon and Luke Norbury, owner York and Scarborough we’ve also recruited a brand-new fundraising officer, Alicen Thorn. Alicen’s role is to work with you and your local community to maximise our reach and effectiveness and also support you in your fundraising and awareness activities.

Pictured are: top left – Diana Stephenson, top right – Luke Norbury, bottom left – Ruth Brown, bottom right – Clare Jefferies

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I run a Dementia Café from my local office, can I apply for funding?2021-02-26T15:43:16+00:00

Lots of offices run Dementia or Memory Cafes from their local office as they recognise the huge community benefit this has. The charity isn’t able to support with the costs of running these cafes but we are able to support you in certain activities such as the costs of:

  • A guest / VIP speaker i.e. local historian to come and talk to your group
  • One day trip or social activity per year

So we can support these activities run by local offices the Group must have its own bank account under its group name i.e. ‘Sutton Coldfield Community Memory Café’.
We will not make grant awards direct to a local office.

How will we know what has been ‘going on’ in our area?2021-02-26T15:43:33+00:00

We promise to work more closely with local offices on fundraising activities and grants awarded. A report detailing all of this activity will be provided to Local Offices, BPs and QSMs twice per year so you can see and understand how the charity has supported your local community and what impact this has had.

What if we raise money and no one applies for a grant?2021-02-26T15:43:37+00:00

Once you have raised £1,000 in your area we will work with you and release a targeted press release encouraging local community groups to apply for a grant.

We need to ring fence the income we generate to our area.2021-02-26T15:43:41+00:00

All offices will have the opportunity to ring fence funds for their area. If you choose to ring fence funds we will only be able to distribute grants in your area equal to the income that you raise. Where there is a shortfall of income we will work with you to raise the funds needed. Ring-fenced funds will be held for a six month period and if they are not used they will be released into the general pot.

How can supporting the charity help me and my business?2021-05-26T15:56:49+01:00

We are THE charity of Home Instead. As your charity we are best placed to make connections between your local community and your local office. To do this we have a new way of working, we will:

  • Prioritise applications from local community groups, associations and charities that have a connection to a local office.
  • We will work with you on applications from groups you are connected to already to ensure NO FAILED applications. As long as there is money available, we promise to give these groups priority.
  • Where applications are made from groups in your area that you do not have a relationship with, we promise to connect you.
  • We can also help you with specific issues that you may have in your business such as:
    • Growth
    • Recruitment
    • Employee engagement
    • Networking
    • Brand Awareness
Why don’t I just give money directly to local groups?2021-02-26T15:43:48+00:00

As a grant making charity we have the processes, procedures checks and balances to conduct a thorough and robust evaluation of all grant applications in your community making sure every penny you raise goes to the causes and projects that are important to you, we do all the leg work so you don’t have to including arranging press coverage where possible.
Also, as a collective across Home Instead, our activities together are much bigger, and our combined actions and voices will have far more reach and impact. This will enable Home Instead to increase its brand awareness on a local, regional AND national level, the impact of this will be far greater than local impact on its own. We are stronger together and much more than the sum of our parts.

Why should I raise money for Home Instead Charities?2021-05-26T15:57:42+01:00

Simple, we are YOUR charity. We provide grant awards to community groups that support all kinds of special interests like Heart Disease, Alzheimers, memory cafes, lunch clubs and tea dances. We support local community groups, associations and local charities irrespective of their connection, or not, to Home Instead. As part of the wider Social Purpose activity of Home Instead we can ensure we support as many aging adults as possible from all walks of life. Some of the people we support will never be clients of Home Instead but it is HI’s promise to serve all communities that makes our place in society special and provides you with a unique proposition against your competitors.

Fundraising Activities

We have also enhanced our fundraising activities and introduced new ways to get involved. Raising funds for our charity is vital in ensuring the continued support of your local groups. We have added in new ways that you can engage so you can pick and choose how you support our charity in a way that suits you and at a time that suits you and your business.

We now have events and activities such as:

Community Events

Challenge Events

Organised Events

Payroll Giving

In Memoriam Giving

Contactless donation tools

Please email Alicen for more information, help and support: [email protected]

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