Watch how The Memory Lane Café helped Bob to find positives from his Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Bob shares his story

Bob attends the Memory Lane Café at Gracious Street Church. It is a place where friends with dementia are happy to be. The money our fabulous fundraisers generate meant that Bob and his friends and carers could enjoy a canal boat trip. Click on the link to hear Bob’s story, or scroll down to read…

“Initially, being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s I was depressed and thought what gloomy times lay ahead, with little hope for the future.

However, I was so pleased when Norman Smales invited me to his memory café, where the staff were so friendly, helpful, and understanding of dementia.

I’ve enjoyed the crafts and activities, and especially the treat of a boat trip along the river. We sang together and enjoyed lovely food and companionship. We have missed the support and friendship due to the pandemic, but remember the best of times, like our day out, which is something to really look forward to – a real joy to lift our spirits.

And a joy for my wife and carer as well. It meant a lot to her. It was a day that she could enjoy with me. It was something really special.

The diagnosis comes as such a shock. I didn’t know anything about dementia. When I started reading about it, I was learning all the things I couldn’t do any more. But there has been a positive side – the friends I’ve made at the café.” – Bob Jones