The best apps for your medical needs

There’s an abundance of health and care apps available. That’s why it’s difficult to know what you should use to boost your own wellbeing. We’ve teamed up with ORCHA (the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Applications) which gives access to the best health and care apps, to ensure that you’re only informed by credible and reputable sources.

ORCHA gives you a library of hand-picked apps, which have all met quality assurance and gone through rigorous reviews. 85% of health and care apps don’t meet their standards, so ORCHA has worked hard to highlight ones that are effective enough. It gives older people the ability to manage their health successfully with some tried-and-tested resources. And to make this even better, you don't need to be a Home Instead client to use the service. We're making this available to all, so share with family and friends if you think it will help.

How does it help?

The apps ORCHA reviews and recommends vary, suiting a range of client needs:

Psychological wellbeing

Clients with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression can manage their illness better with ORCHA. There are apps that provide counselling, for example. And there are also apps that help you cope with the day-to-day stresses that life brings, whether that’s through meditation or help with sleeping.

Physical activity

For many of us, technology underpins our regular exercise, from counting steps to planning running routes. ORCHA opens up a whole range of activities to keep people fit, and ensures that they are carried out effectively. Whether our clients want to do outdoor exercise or home work-outs, they’ll find activities that suit their interests and fitness levels.

Long-term condition management

Spending every day living with a health condition is tough, so any support that technology provides can go a long way. ORCHA highlights apps that help people with dementia remember their daily rituals better, and set reminders for whenever they need to do something important. There are also apps to help people with diabetes track blood sugar levels. It helps our particularly vulnerable clients keep on top of tasks that maintain their health.

Mental stimulation

It doesn’t matter what age you are – training your brain is key to staying well. ORCHA highlights the best apps that will help keep your mind ticking away, including fun puzzles that can easily get you hooked.

How can I use the apps?

If you'd like to test some of the apps that ORCHA have highlighted as the best for your specific medical needs, then head over to Home Instead's ORCHA page.