Care Conversations on Sky

Our CEO Martin Jones appeared on Sky News this morning talking all about the importance of having a conversation with loved ones about care.

All too often, the conversation about care options with loved ones is left too late or until a ‘crisis’ situation happens such as a fall or a hospital visit. But research we did showed that despite a third of adults saying they were concerned about their parents’ physical health, 81% were reluctant to speak to them about care.

The survey of 1,500 adults showed that 25% said their parents got upset when the subject of care was broached, while 24% said they got defensive and 14% asked if they could live with their family.

Martin said: “Our experience as one of Britain’s leading care providers proves that even if the best solution isn’t immediately clear, it is so much better to have the ‘care conversation’ sooner rather than later. Broaching the subject with your parents now will leave them happier, healthier and safer in the long run, and will mean you’re not in a situation whereby you find yourself rushing and panicking to make what is one of the most important decisions for both of you.”

Sky News also spoke to Allie Enyon, whose mum is cared for by the Home Instead Tavistock and Tamar Valley office. Allie explained how it was a ‘difficult conversation’ to have with her mum about care but it was a ‘fantastic relief’ when they broached the topic.

Allie said: “She was reluctant at first and worried about losing her independence, but we realised pretty quickly that this helped her keep her independence. Tasks like washing and cooking she found difficult, so it was wonderful to have other people coming in and out of her life to keep an eye on her and help her remain in her own home.

“Far from taking away my mum’s independence it’s really helped her stay independent and her CAREGivers have become her friends.”

Our research also showed that 40% of the nation would not have their parent move into their house, with not having enough space emerging as the main reason.

You can find some advice here about having that care conversation with a loved one
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