How to Avoid Falls

Having a fall can be really serious for an older person. It can knock their confidence, make them reluctant to leave the house or have a shower and can result in more serious issues. It's well worth doing whatever you can to avoid having a fall in the first place.

Luckily, preventing most falls is pretty simple:

  • Tidy up. It’s easy to fall over “stuff”, especially if your eyesight isn’t great and never leave anything on the stairs
  • Tape down frayed edges of rugs
  • Put grabrails in places where you feel wobbly, like at the top of the stairs or by the toilet

Many falls are due to medical conditions, such as low blood pressure, so when you’re getting up from bed or a low seat, take a few moments to make sure you feel OK before standing up.

Falls tend to happen when you’re busy doing something else, so try not to rush around too much. 

Above all, keep your toenails trimmed and make sure your shoes are comfortable & don’t have slippery soles. Trainers can be an excellent option as they have fairly soft soles and you can get them with Velcro fastenings to make life easy.

Too often, people spend hours on the floor waiting for an ambulance. Get yourself a Lifeline Alarm from Forestcare (01344 786599) so you can always call for help – it’s only £4.20 a week and could save your life!

If you ever have a fall and can't get up easily, try this:

  1. slide yourself close to a sturdy chair
  2. get yourself on your side 
  3. try to get on to your knees
  4. grip the chair and use it to get yourself up