Dementia Care at Home, Hornchurch

Outstanding Dementia Care in Hornchurch, Romford, Rainham & Surrounding Areas

Keeping You Safe In the Comfort of Your Home

Here at Home Instead, we provide dementia care to allow individuals to live a happy and safe life in the comfort of their own home. 

Watching someone close have difficulties with dementia can be an upsetting and concerning experience.

Naturally, we want to help and assist anyone we see having difficulties. Without the right help and information, it can become a little overwhelming where to start first. With conditions such as dementia, it can be challenging to understand what is happening to your loved one. It can also be emotional when your efforts of care are not received the way you would hope them to be.

As dementia progresses, you may notice all sorts of changes in your loved one's behaviour, things such as memory loss, changes in actions, decline in socialising or activities, difficulties staying nourished, hydrated and keeping healthy.

Although there are common symptoms, dementia affects everyone differently and being a full-time carer can sometimes be very challenging. It's common for family or friends who are carers to feel guilty for wanting to enjoy their life outside of the role of being a carer.

It's also common for people to feel as though they are giving up when they ask for help.

We don't believe you are giving up, asking for help and support with dementia care allows both you and your loved one to enjoy a happier quality of life.

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Dementia Care Hornchurch

Supporting Our Communities With Exceptional Dementia Care at Home.

We understand how difficult it can be to look and find the right care for your loved one, and that's why our approach is very personal. Learning the individual needs of your loved one is key to us providing them with the best possible dementia care.

When we have a firm understanding of everything you need support with, we create a completely personalised dementia care plan for your loved one and talk through each step to ensure everyone is happy.

There is no minimum or maximum requirement when it comes to our dementia care, we can assist with medication management, companionship, housekeeping, supporting hobbies and interests, activities, you name it. Whatever is required, we can help. We can be as flexible as you need.

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Keeping Your Loved One in Safe & Familiar Surroundings

A key part of enabling people with dementia to live a happy quality of life is keeping them safe and in familiar surroundings.

Dementia care in the home allows our Care Pros to provide one-to-one compassionate care that is 100% dedicated to your loved one. Based on your assessment and requirements, we carefully select a well-matched Care Pro with your loved one.

Carefully selecting and matching our Care Pro with our clients has had an evident effect on improving the quality of life and health outcomes for individuals living with dementia.

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Dementia Care Hornchurch

Contact Sarah, our Dementia Friend!

Sarah is our Registered Manager and Dementia Champion.

She has been dedicated to enabling people to live well with dementia since she began her journey into care many years ago. As such, she has studied and attended various courses, continuously developing her knowledge of dementia and providing guidance and solutions to those living with, or caring for, someone with dementia.

Home Instead Romford is a member of the Havering Dementia Action Alliance and as such we are committed to raising awareness and supporting communities in and around our local area to become more dementia-friendly. Sarah will be running Alzheimer’s Society dementia awareness sessions in Havering, Barking and Dagenham, once current restrictions allow.

Sarah truly believes that by breaking down barriers, educating communities and raising awareness, people living with dementia together with their friends and family, can, and do, live well and happy for several years. Sometimes you just need a little help along the way…If you are looking for some extra help and support or simply some advice on what might be best for you, then give us a call now on 01708 989970, or complete the enquiry form below.

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