Christmas gift giving scheme

Christmas gift giving scheme

Our annual Be a Santa to Senior gift giving scheme sees local businesses and people from across local communities, come together to help spread Christmas cheer amongst older people. By reaching out to older people who might not receive a gift at Christmas time, we hope we can make a small difference and give back to those local communities.

Be a Santa to a Senior was first introduced to Home Instead Senior Care offices across North America in 2006 and started small with only a few gifts being distributed to residents at a local nursing home. Since then Home Instead Senior Care has helped provide over a million gifts to thousands of older people.

Be a Santa to a Senior was launched in the UK in 2012 and since then over a thousand presents have been delivered.

Christmas gifts

How Be a Santa to a Senior works

  1. Local Home Instead offices partner with community organisations or charities to identify older people who might not receive gifts at Christmas.
  2. The Home Instead team then works with local businesses and retailers to help facilitate the purchase of gifts by placing a small Christmas tree within one or more locations.
  3. Each tree carries Be a Santa to a Senior gift tags detailing a specific gift for a particular recipient (first name only) or a charitable organisation.
  4. Customers or visitors to the shop or business are invited to take a tag from the tree, they will then purchase the named gift before placing it under the tree or taking it to a designated area for collection.
  5. Home Instead then arrange for the gifts to be collected, wrapped and delivered in time for Christmas.

If you'd like to get involved by donating presents, hosting a wrapping party or anything else in between, please get in touch with your local Home Instead office for further information.

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