Dementia Diagnosis

Doctor's Assessment

The doctor will first gather a medical history to determine the onset of the disease, how symptoms have changed, and potential contributing factors. The doctor may also order a brain scan.

Paper & Pencil Test
Draw a clock face showing 3 'oclock:
Senior diagnosed with Alzheimer's
Senior diagnosed with another type of dementia

There are also paper and
pencil tests of memory and thinking that are called neuro-psychological testing.
These evaluations sample various brain functions including:

  • orientation
  • short-term memory
  • ability to follow instructions
  • recognition of objects
Treatable Medical Conditions

Experiencing memory problems
does not mean you have dementia. Many health issues can cause problems with memory including:

  • depression
  • drug interactions
  • thyroid problems
  • excess use of alcohol
  • certain vitamin deficiencies

If discovered, they may be treated and reversed.