Find Opportunities Around the House

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  • Do “remember the…” sessions. Keep them easy going and light. Music, photos and objects can help enhance memory gathering.
  • Discuss colours and textures while dressing.
  • Sort jewellery or neckties and share the stories behind them.
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  • Sort medications into daily or weekly containers to help with medication management.
  • Try different scented soaps and colognes or colourful towels at bath time.
  • Waltz your way to and from the bathtub, bed, or breakfast table.

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Living Room:

  • Program frequently called numbers into the phone.
  • Sort through magazines and newspapers.
  • Collect spontaneous memories at family events.
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  • Taste and smell different spices while cooking.
  • Review family recipes and the memories associated with them.
  • Ask for help setting the table and share stories of childhood chores.
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Family Room:

  • Ask questions, observe surroundings and talk with family and friends.
  • Talk about photos, pictures and trinkets while cleaning.
  • Build a playlist of the senior's favourite songs.
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Laundry Room:

  • Ask questions about favourite items of clothing, now and in the past.
  • Ask for help, like sorting clothes by colour from the hamper or folding some of laundry.
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  • Explore sounds, scents and colours while doing yard work.
  • Identify shapes in the clouds.
  • Walk through the yard identifying flowers, birds, or insects.
  • Plant and water a small garden, like a small window box.