Activities to Encourage Engagement

#1 Physical Activities

Physical activities maintain coordination and muscle strength. Select activities they may have enjoyed in the past such as:

  • putting golf balls
  • walking outside
  • watching birds
  • sorting photos


#2 Mental Activities

Mental activities stimulate the mind. Examples include:

  • puzzles
  • Sudoku
  • needlecraft
  • word games
  • card games


#3 Social Activities

Social activities help maintain interaction with others. Suggested activities include attending concerts, sporting events or religious services.


#4 Activities Booklet

Download our Activities Booklet, which features great ways to engage your senior loved one's mind, body and soul. You can also download this PDF at the end of this class.

Download Now

#5 Recording Memories

Use the life journal to find activities that are meaningful to your loved one. Even if the activity isn't interesting to you, it may bring great joy to him or her.