Ideas to Engage the Senses

#1 Touch

Provide a comforting touch or allow them to feel different textures. Try simple objects around the house, like:

  • a soft blanket or quilt
  • a furry stuffed toy
  • a cool or warm object
  • a rough or smooth object
  • contrast smooth satin with rougher wool
  • details of lace

#2 Hearing

Have them listen to songs from their past from their music collection or other soothing sounds. How about a quiet few moments by the window in spring, letting the sounds of birds outside fill the room.


#3 Smell

Even if you do not bake, you cannot deny the delicious smell of a fresh apple pie. Use pleasant smelling foods or flowers to brighten the day.


#4 Taste

Make family recipes that have favourite flavors or create new dishes that expand the everyday meal to something flavourful.


#5 Sight

Watch television shows or videos on National Parks and other beautiful locations or landscapes. Or, look at and talk about photos from albums or their journal.